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August 6, 2023

The evolution of a bike ride.  The Two River Century began in 2010 when the Kankakee River Bike Club realized our local roads were better than the organized rides to which we were traveling.  We have lightly traveled, relatively flat, and very scenic hard roads along the Kankakee and Iroquois Rivers. Our inaugural event was a metric century. The ride grew in numbers and distance as we have worked to incorporate all of our favorite routes. 


Because only our double metric riders were able to experience our Iroquois River routes, this year, the Two Rivers Century has grown by offering 2 river route centuries.  One for the Kankakee River and one for the Iroquois River. 


What you know as the “Two Rivers Century” remains; always on the Sunday of the first full weekend in August starting in Aroma Park, IL and weaving along the Kankakee and Iroquois Rivers.

We now also have the “Independence on the Iroquois”; on the Sunday in July closest to Independence Day – this year July 2, 2023, starting in Watseka, IL and weaving along the Iroquois River.





August 6, 2023

Aroma Park Campgrounds (Where the Iroquois River meets the Kankakee River)
Boat Club Road, Aroma Park, IL, 60910  •  1 815-922-9873

Ride Day Registration Beginning at 6:00 a.m. at Aroma Park Campgrounds

Every participant must sign the Informed Consent, Assumption of Risk, and Waiver of Liability. Please make sure you read it HERE (opens new window) before you register.

No later than 8:15 am for 78 miles; 9:30 am for Metric Century (61 mi.)
•• Sag stops at 3:00 p.m. ••



Fee includes well-marked roads and maps, sag service, rest stops with snacks, and fun! Fee is non-refundable. On site registration is available. Online ticket ordering ends at 3:00 p.m. CDT on 8/4.

$30 for adults if purchased before 7/31

$35 for adults after 7/31

$5 for children 5 and under.
(Dedicated to local biking and other active outdoor recreation opportunities, improvement and safety.)

Hilton Garden Inn. Call (815) 932-4444 to reserve a room.

Fairfield Inn. Call (815) 935-1334 to reserve a room.

Hampton Inn. Call (815) 933-3800 to reserve a room.

More lodging options are available with a quick Google Search here.

Tent and RV Camping. Ride Registration is at the Aroma Park Campground, and camping is available onsite. How nice it would be to wake up and you're already at registration with your bike all ready to go?  
NOTE: There will not be any electricity sites available. The cost is $15 a night. To arrange for a campsite, please contact Keith at 815-250-2857.

For more lodging options in the area, visit:

Frank Lloyd Wright Tours. While in Kankakee, visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s "B. Harley Bradley House". Wright in Kankakee will offer tours at 12:30 and 1:30 Sunday. $25/person. Tour groups limited to 10. Register on line at

Visit: (The FLW “Hickox House” next door is privately owned; no tours.)

Reed's Canoe Trips. While you're in the Kankakee area for the weekend,
Reeds Canoe Trips is offering $4/person off canoe trips
. Mention our special rate code “TRCBR”.

NOTE: The Aroma Park Campground (Two Rivers Century registration) is also the end landing for the Eagle Island and Momence trips
Visit:, or call 815-932-2663 (815-WeCanoe)

Kankakee County Fair. Visit the Kankakee County Fair- Just a mile south of I-57 on Rt. 45/52. 

For more events in the Kankakee area Visit:

Aroma Park Campgrounds Rest Stop/Ride Registration
Momence Island Park Rest Stop


From the 2 Rest Stops, we have 4 Ride Loops.

Loops from Aroma Park Campgrounds Rest Stop:
Sugar Island Loop (17 miles)
Mount Langham Loop (17 miles)
Aroma Park-Momence Outbound Connector (12 miles outbound Aroma to Momence)

Loops from Momence Island Park Rest Stop:
Six Mile Grove (17 miles)
Aroma Park-Momence Return Connector (13 miles return Momence to Aroma)

By mixing and matching the loops, you can ride from 18 to 78 miles. You can ride longer than 78 if you do some loops twice.

Note that SAG stops at 3:00pm. Plan your distances to return by 3:00pm.

How to get your miles:
We have 2 rest stops - registration (Aroma Park) and Momence Island Park.
The rest stops each have 17 mile loops
leaving from and returning to that rest stop. Each loop has a short cut option; 17 down to 10 or 12 miles.

The route from registration to the Momence rest stop is 12 miles; Momence to registration is 13 miles. Start by going to Momence.  If you intend to ride 25 miles or longer you should start by going toward the Momence rest stop. The river views both there and back are bucolic.  You also want to start toward Momence if you intend to ride more than 42 miles as that's how many miles you will have when you get back to the registration rest stop after completing the orange loop.


Just remember - Momence rest stop closes at 1pm and registration rest stop closes at 3pm.

Caution:  Our routes are not marked, nor are they as safe if you choose to ride in the opposite direction of travel.  All roads are road bike worthy.  Tri-bikes are not recommended due to potential for small gravel pieces.

Many of our routes are right-of-way and once you are on a road and heading and confirmed in the correct direction stay on it; you won't see a mark until you approach a stop or T intersection.
Earliest marks are often alongside the yellow road sign.
Direction pointing "yard signs" will alert you to approaching turns off of a right-of way.

17   (Sugar Island OR  Mount Langham)
25   (Aroma-Momence)
42  (Aroma-Momence + Six Mile Grove)
43   (Aroma-Momence + Sugar Island OR  Mount Langham)
60   (Aroma-Momence + Six Mile Grove + Sugar Island OR  Mount Langham)
61   (Aroma-Momence + Sugar Island + Mount Langham)

62   (Aroma-Momence + Six Mile Grove+ Sugar Island (using shortcut) + Mount Langham (using shortcut))
76    (All Loops)






Aroma Park Campgrounds

(Where the Iroquois River meets the Kankakee River)
Boat Club Rd, Aroma Park, IL, USA




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